PiaBanana: The Plantatation


Here should have been shown an original photograph of the PiaBanana plantation. The Farm was lying on the beautiful island of La Palma. TheFarmers only grew organic bananas there an advantage for the nature and the customers. The bananas were a bit smaller, some were comically crooked. But they tasted!

In June 2004 came the turning point. A sand storm raged for days. When the wind finally stopped, all the banana trees were broken and the entire harvest was lost. The savings of the farmers were not large enough for a new beginning. This was the opportunity for one of the reckless a golf barons of the island. The two farmers had to sell the farm. The farmhouse has been converted into a small, luxury golf hotel. The plantation was cleared, the green grass for a 9-hole golf-course has been sown. Since 2005, you find golfer, sitting around the pool, where fromaly bananas grew.