PiaBanana: Frequently asked Questions



Question 1:   Why did I never find PiaBananas at my grocer?

Answer:        PiaBananas were sold all around the world. Probably you din't look exactly. Meanwhile Piabananas are not sold any more. For Details see the history of the farm.


Question 2:   What is your relation to PiaBananas? 

Answer:        I am the father of Pia, and she paints the pictures for the  PiaBanana-Stickers. 


Question 3:   Did you ever consume a PiaBanana?

Answer:        Yes, but very rarely! If we had some, my children eat them!


Question 4:   Could you send me some PiaBanana-Stickers? I can offer you...... 

Answer:        I do not trade PiaBanana-Stickers and so do the farmers. But if we trade other Banana-Stickers,  I normally add one PiaBanana-Label


Question 5:   Did you visit the Plantation?      

Answer:        Not never!