PiaBanana: The Dog


One day Wiggy, the dog, emerged on the Plantatation. It rained cats and dogs and she decided: "I'll never leave this place". O.K., said the farmers, what's next? Delouse, wash it and feed it up. 

Then came Wiggy's years working for PiaBanana. Her job was to guard the Plantatation. She barked banana-thieves away, and if there were none, she caught lizards. The colder it was, the fatter the booty was. The lizards were so much slower then.

2004 Wiggy's new life began. After the end of PiaBanana it was time for her, to look for a new job. She works now in the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma as a drug dog. Because of her outstanding talent, she only needed three weeks of training at the drug police in Tenerife. Afterwards she came back to her home island and started the fight against the drug mafia.  

We must not show a photo of Wiggy here. The dog works incognito. To protect her from assasins, only some insiders know her face.