About my Homepage: Duplicates




One Click on "Duplicates" opens a directory tree, that looks similar to that of the collection. But there are some differences..


Elements of the directory

  • Pages (): The Pages are the leave of the directory tree. Click on that symbol or the text next to it to open a page with banana-labels or informations in the main window
  • Closed folder (): A folder groups data belonging together. An example: My collection contains more Chiquita-labels than I can show on one page. That is why the labels are organized on specific themes. If you click on a closed folder or the text next to the symbol, then it opens and displays the next level. This can be folders again, it can be several data pages, or it may be a mixture of both. 
  • Opened folders (): The next level is visible. When you click on a folder or the text beside it, the folder closes


  • There are no green folders and pages for countries (//) and there are no red elements, that lead you to the special themes (//)
  • You want to see my new duplicates? Just click here:
  • For my complete tradelist, just follow this:  . But pay attention. It's a really long list. So it will take a while, until it is complete in the main window. 

In the main-window there's a speciality too. Below some of the labels you find a link. It leads you to the complete list of duplicates of this company. (See
-> The other Chiquita in the example)