About my Homepage: Collection




One click on "Collection" and a directory opens that looks a little bit like my example below:


Elements of the directory

  • Pages (): The Pages are the leave of the directory tree. Click on that symbol or the text next to it to open a page with banana-labels or informations in the main window
  • Closed folder (): A folder groups data belonging together. An example: My collection contains more Chiquita-labels than I can show on one page. That is why the labels are organized on specific themes. If you click on a closed folder or the text next to the symbol, then it opens and displays the next level. This can be folders again, it can be several data pages, or it may be a mixture of both. 
  • Opened folders (): The next level is visible. When you click on a folder or the text beside it, the folder closes


  • Standard colour of folders is yellow (/) and for pages white/gray ()
  • Folders and pages for countries have green folders and pages (//). Attention: For the big banana countries like Costa Rica or Ecuador you will not find country pages. They would have too many labels!
  • Folders and pages for special themes are red (//). Examples for themes are "Christmas", "Sport", "Animals"